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Counseling Services


Are you worried that your child, or another child you know, isn’t thriving? Perhaps you’ve just had a sense that something wasn’t quite right and wondered whether he or she could benefit from child counseling. Maybe you have a more specific cause for concern. [Learn More…]


If your teen is in crisis, teen counseling can help. How do you know whether your teen is struggling? Sometimes it’s clear; other times, you may just have a sense that your teenager has simply stopped thriving. [Learn more…]


Parents and families face many challenges that can affect their happiness. Since 2007, I have helped families from all walks of life gain clarity and strengthen their communication. I’m passionate about helping families thrive. [Learn more…]


Parent coaching can help you identify what is and isn’t working in your parenting style, and support you in developing positive parenting strategies. [Learn more…]


Are you thriving, or just surviving? If you stop and think about it, the answer to that question may be the key to unraveling many of your daily struggles. When your challenges become overwhelming, you can find yourself paralyzed by anxiety, or lost in depression. [Learn more…]


Life’s too short not to fully enjoy it. If you find you’re feeling like you are just surviving, rather than thriving, maybe you’ve considered how counseling might help you get unstuck. Trying to fit counseling into your busy life, however, may feel a bit challenging. [Learn more…]


Have you ever noticed how refreshed you feel when you take a walk? Getting outside, moving your body and taking in the sights, sounds and smells can do you a world of good. Walk & Talk Therapy is walking therapy, instead of being stuck inside a counselor’s office. [Learn more…]


Maybe you’ve thought about how counseling could help you deal with the challenges you face, but when you look at your calendar, you just don’t see where you would fit that in. Your calendar is already packed as it is, but what if counseling could come to you? [Learn more…]